Sunday, 12 June 2016

entering the dungeon...

I first posted about this project on my other general wargaming hobby blog, The Sword in the Sprue. I also posted about it on DM Scotty's Crafts N'Games page on Facebook where it had a surprisingly enthusiastic reception.

DM Scotty's group (founded by the eponymous YouTube D&D crafter, the genial genius Scotty McFarland of theDMsCraft) is always packed full of incredible hand-crafted D&D terrain made by some of the most resourceful and creative people you could imagine. I thought my very simple pen-and-cereal-packet creation would be politely ignored as rather uninteresting. To my delight I got a lot of interest, particularly from people who wanted to download their own version to print and play with- so that's what I'm going to do!

I want to do this properly, so I'm going to be looking at what others have created, and what people might find useful, and look at ways I can make a dungeon tile set easy to use and work with, and aim to have something for people to download within a few weeks. I'll keep you updated with progress as and when I can!